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Post to Multiple Groups
With RKPoster, you can post to multiple groups whenever you want. You can simply write or compile a post and schedule the time for its posting. The auto-poster itself handles the rest. You can post more than one Facebook pages.

With the option of posting to tens of Facebook pages, you can increase your social presence and make the affiliate links, blogs or your content more prominent to the audience. Along with posting to the group that you are administering, you can also post to groups that you are a member of. Making this as your ally, you can ensure that your social media presence is sufficient for generating traffic and increasing your visibility.

Post to Facebook Pages
While other auto posters only offer the incentive of posting on different groups, RKPoster lets the users post on different Facebook pages too. This could be the pages that you are running, and by using this auto posting software, you can showcase to the audience the content of the page without having to be seated in front of a computer the whole day.

Moreover, you can also post to the Facebook pages that you have liked. Make yourself prominent on other pages by posting there regularly and let the users of those pages know about what you offer, whether it is a service or a product. All you have to do is write a post and schedule it for the time that it needs to go online. After that, you can just relax and wait for your post to get unlimited likes and comments.

Get on The Cloud
The best part about RKPoster is that it does not need an active computer at all times. What you need for the software to function is the cloud, and that is all. This means that even when the computer is not on, the posts are still getting updated. Simply make a post and schedule for a time. After that, you are at liberty to switch off your computer and hit the bed. The posts will get posted automatically from the cloud.

Go to Auto Repeat
RKPoster offers an exclusive feature for businesses which lets them post the same posts on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. Instead of having to schedule the same post every day, you can simply put it on auto-repeat, and it will become visible to your audience at the same time every day or every week. For example, if you are running a photography studio or any other service of the sort and you offer a free photo shoot every month as a gift to your audience, you can set the post on autoRepeat to let the users know every month that you are offering the photoshoot now. This is particularly helpful in those situations in which you get new followers, and they might not be aware of your ritual.

Get Unlimited Traffic to Your Page
If you are a beginner, it is almost impossible for you to expend any cost for attracting people and generating traffic. With RKPoster you can easily post on more than one Facebook pages whenever you want and get as much traffic as you want it at all times. The whole process of managing a social media account can be a tedious task, but RKposter aims to make it as easy as possible for the users.
Categorize Your Groups
It will be a disaster if you post the wrong thing to the wrong platform at the wrong time. Just imagine posting about the latest guitars on a cooking related page. We know that you do not want to be in that situation and for that reason, RKposter lets you categorize your groups under several names. In this way, there is no chance left of you ever posting the wrong thing to the wrong page. You can also post to other pages and get approved by the admin of the page since your posts will be by the content of that page.

Post Insights and Statistics

Get real time statistics on every post you publish to Facebook

Get Post Statistics

It can be extremely time-consuming for the Facebook admins and page runners to go through every post every day and analyze how their followers have responded to it and how they have interacted with the page or the post. RKPoster lets you see the progress of your page and also lets you see the interaction you got in any particular post.
By these statistics, you can determine the changes that you need to make to your page or the kind of posts that you need to post more. If you are getting an excessive positive response on a post, this is a cue that you need to post that kind of content more often as it will generate more traffic to the page or group.

Schedule Posts for Later

RKPoster lets you schedule your posts for later. You can either save your completed post or schedule it for the time that it needs to be posted. Also, you can save an unfinished post and simply save it as a draft and finish it later. The whole process is automated and is completely controlled with the option of Post Status.
This options lets you check the status of your post. For some reason, if the post does not get posted, you will be aware of it instantly. Thus, it lets you monitor the posts that get online and the others that fail to do so due to some reason. This is an efficient way to ensure that no post gets unposted and you can keep a record of the posts that you have posted and the ones that need to go online soon.

No Worry About Being Banned

One of the greatest problems encountered by Facebook admins is their posts getting spammed or their pages getting banned. This is normally done by Facebook in response to the violations of rules set by Facebook for content sharing.
With RKPoster, you did not need to be worried as the software posts from the official and verified Facebook software, but it lets the users have unique URLs for their posts. Also, we offer you the option of having unique IDs to your URLs. With the option for multiple accounts, the accounts can be switched, and you can post the same thing from different accounts.