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TN Patta Name Transfer/Change Online 2020 – Tamilnadu | Guide

TN Patta Name Transfer: In this article, we will see in detail how to change Patta Number and Transfer Name Online in Tamil Nadu through this article.

TN Patta Name Transfer/Change Online 2020

We say this in full You can not do this completely online. Because you can first go to the village administration officer and get the proper documents and then go to the tahsildar office and then we will see below how it can be changed.

Apply for Patta Name Trasfer/Change Online – Tamilnadu | Step By Step Guide

Whether you want to change Patta or change your name, you must first go to the Tashildhar and apply it at the Tnesevai Service Center.

Documents Required for Patta Name Change

  • Land Register Document ( Patthiram )
  • Encumbrance Certificate ( EC or Villangam )
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Chalan – Fee paid to Bank ( Rs.40/ survey number )
  • Online Patta Transfer Form ( Applied through E-Sevai Maiyam )

How to apply TN Patta Name Transfer

First, you need to specify the survey number of your land/plot, visit the nearest e-Sevai Maiyam and apply for a Patta change online. Get a copy of the document you applied for at the e-Sevai Maiyam and your mobile number will be confirmed

Visit the Tahsildar office, get a movie from the Revenue Department section, fill it with the survey number you want to change the land lease, and enter the amount you want to pay to the bank as Rs.50 per survey number. Get the date stamp in the field of Treasury, Revenue, Land Survey. Visit the nearest bank and make a payment. You will be given a copy of the approval.

Now take a Xerox copy of all land documents, EC, e-service document, Aadhaar, and submit it to the Land Survey Department at the Tahsildar office.

They will take your application and send it to your VAO and Surveyor. They will arrive within 30 days and provide you with a new survey and patta number with your own name.

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Final words

Through this article, we have learned Patta Name Transfer/Change Online in Tamil Nadu. And if you have any doubts, you can comment on me.

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