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Tamilnadu School Textbooks Buy Online | Step By Step Guide

We will see in detail about getting Tamilnadu School Textbooks to buy Online through this article. We can download these books for free through the Tamil Nadu website www.textbookcorp.in.

Tamilnadu School Textbooks Buy Online

Books produced by the Government of Tamil Nadu can be obtained online. These books are available to us in two forms. One is available online in PDF format. Or they send the book home as soon as they pay the price for it.

Well, what a difference we will see here. Let’s see what the difference is between reading the PDF and reading the book directly at home. A lot of interruptions come when we read a book online in our PDF format. For example, when the power goes out and we constantly look at it on our computer or mobile phone, our eyes get irritated.

That’s why we don’t get this kind of trouble when we read in books. So I think the best way is for us to buy the book online and read it at home. That’s what I’m telling you.

Buy Tamilnadu TN School Textbooks Online – Step By Step Guide

You have to be a student to buy books. You must complete what class you are studying and what age student you are. Government of Tamil Nadu All types of books from 1st to 12th class are available online. For example, if a tenth-grade student wants a new tenth-grade book, a tenth-grade book will be available.

And if you want any other class books, you can log in to another account and get the books. First, you need to go to the textbook student registration page. Fill in the required details and then order the books.

Personal Information:

  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Student Name
  • Mobile No
  • Email
  • Door No/Building Name
  • Street
  • Area
  • City
  • District
  • Pincode
  • Landmark

School Information:

  • District
  • Block
  • School
  • Standard
  • Medium
Tamilnadu TN School Textbooks Online

All types of boxes must be filled in as given in the picture. The website then stores all kinds of information and sends a username and password to your email ID. Once you have successfully verified the account you can open the Student Login ID and order the books. Once you have successfully logged in, click on the “Order Books” button. It lists all the books with details like “Book name, size, stock and amount”.

Once you have successfully selected the book, you can pay for the book online. In it, you have to press the Order Books-Confirmation button. You can then pay the amount of your choice through Phone Pe or Google Play or Debit Card or Credit Card. The book will arrive at your home within two or three weeks of your ordering.

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Final Words

Through this article, we have looked in detail at how to Buy Tamilnadu School Textbooks Online. If you have any doubts please leave me a comment and I will resolve your doubts Thank you.

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