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How to Apply Legal Heir Certificate Online Tamilnadu – Guide

We will see how to apply Legal Heir Certificate Online in Tamilnadu properly through this article. That means they can buy whatever an individual wants. For example, they can buy jewelry, money, gardening, or whatever. But it must be appointed by a Varisu. It is called the Varisu Certificate.

Apply Legal Heir Certificate Online Tamilnadu

Let’s see how to get this legal heir certificate. You can apply for this offline or apply online. Now we will see in detail how to apply online.

The following persons are considered eligible for the Certificate of Legal Heir,

  • Spouse of the deceased
  • Daughter of the deceased
  • Son of the deceased
  • Father of the deceased
  • Mother of the deceased

How to Apply Legal Heir Certificate Online Tamilnadu

For this, we need to register on the Tnesevai website. Also, we have to register the CAN Number. We first go to the TNEsevai website and then click on the Revenue Department option.


Once the Revenue Department goes to the option, select the REV-114 Legal Heir Certificate. The TNEGA website will show you the steps to apply for a Certificate of Legal Heir Online in Tamil Nadu.

Required Documents

  • Application form of legal heir
  • Death certificate of the deceased person
  • Identity Card of the applicant
  • Ration card of the applicant
  • Proof of residence of the deceased person. It can be any one of the following Voter ID, DL, and Bank Pass Book, etc.

Final Step

Now you need to search for your CAN number and proceed further. If you do not have a CAN, sign up for a new one. There is nothing better than registering once to store your personal information on the TNESevai website.

Now you need to enter the address of the deceased, usually the address of the resident and the legal heirs of the deceased.

legal heir certificate

Address of the Deceased Person

  • State
  • District
  • Taluk
  • Revenue Village
  • Street.No/Name
  • Building / Door / Flat No.
  • Pin Code

That’s all you made so easy. Finally, you have to pay money to register this. And you will get an acknowledgment number for it so that you can know your status.

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FAQ About How to Apply Legal Heir Certificate Online

Who is eligible for a legal heir certificate?

Any living family member or the person who has a blood relationship with the deceased is eligible for the Certificate of Legal Heir if he or she is in the above category.

Is a married daughter eligible for a Legal Heir Certificate?

Yes, Following the 2005 amendment, now married daughters are also considered legal heirs.

Final Words

Through this article, we looked in detail at how to get a Legal Heir Certificate online. Thank you for patiently reading my article so far. If you have any doubts please comment in the comment box.

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