Corona virus havoc in America, 150 people died in a single day

Corona virus cases in the US continue to increase. Despite all efforts, 10,000 new cases have been reported and 150 people have died in one day.

In the US, about 10,000 cases of corona virus have been reported in a single day, while 150 Americans have lost their lives with this infection. With this, the death toll in the country has reached 772 while 54,323 people are infected. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has expected the country’s economy to be back on track by April 12.

Despite the lockdown of millions of Americans, the deployment of National Guard and military forces in several states, at least 53 people have died in New York and at least 5,000 new cases were reported on Tuesday. So far, more than 25,000 cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in New York and 210 people have died. America has reached the third place among the corona infected countries.

New York, New Jersey Corona’s stronghold

According to WorldMeter, a website providing information on cases of Kovid-19, around 10,000 new cases of infection were reported across the country on Tuesday alone, which has crossed the total number of 54 thousand cases of corona virus. Whereas in a single day, the total number of dead increased to about 772 due to the death of 150 people. In addition to New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Illinois and Florida have also become centers of the corona virus.

However, no new case or death has been reported in the state of Washington, which came first in the grip of this disease. Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he expected the situation to return to normal by about three weeks, or by Easter.

Easter is on 12 April. The President said, “I want to motivate everyone to create social distance, avoid gathering in large numbers, wash hands and follow other things.” Ultimately, our goal is to relax the guidelines and make things normal for a large section of the country. ‘

3,70,000 people examined in America

He said, ‘I hope we can do it till Easter. I think it will be a big thing for our country and we are working hard to turn it into a reality. ”He also hoped that the Congress would soon pass the two thousand billion dollar bill that would make the struggling Americans Cash can be paid directly to

White House Corona Virus Task Force convenor Debrah L. Birks told reporters that 3,70,000 investigations have been done so far, of which 2,200,000 people have been investigated in the last eight days. He said that the investigation would increase as the government is still working on testing the previous samples.

Meanwhile, the first child’s death reported from the Corona virus in the US was actually a teenager who was in good health before contracting infectious disease.

One teenager also died from Corona

Hours before the death of a Lancaster teenager north of Los Angeles, public health officials said the disease was not as severe for minors. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “A teenager with good health died of the virus.” He said, “It can also target young people. Youngsters should understand that your attitude can save lives and can also be known. And that life can be yours. ‘The identity of the deceased and whether it is a boy or a girl, has not been disclosed.

Coronavirus: Nobel-winning scientist hopes to get everything right, said – the situation is not as frightening as believed

Stanford University biophysicist Michael Levitt, who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry, hopes that everything will be fixed in the corona virus case. He hopes that the harsh decision will stop the transition

While the Corona epidemic has scared the entire world and forced millions of people to be imprisoned indoors, Michael Levitt, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, appears to be showing a ray of hope and says that the way many Experts are predicting it to be frightening, in fact it will not happen. He insists that the most important thing is to control people’s nervousness. They believe that its trajectory is not as scary as it is believed to be.

In a conversation with China Daily News last month, Leavitt said that the speed of the virus is at its highest level. He further predicted that the number of positive cases in China will reach 80,000 and 3250 people will die. As of March 24, there are 81,558 people infected in China and 3281 people have died. At the same time, looking at the data shows that the new case is declining.

Levitt says that this could be the turning point for other countries. Even in countries where the administration has not implemented stricter policy. Most affected by Kovid-19 are busy reducing the number of new cases every day. South Korea is among the countries about which Leavitt said that there will be a reduction in new cases every day.

Be ready for Corona’s return

According to an LA Times report, Levitt has analyzed data from 78 countries with more than 50 new cases coming every day and most of them show signs of improvement. “The numbers are still disturbing, but there are clear signs of slow expansion,” he said. However, countries that have been relieved of the initial shock should be prepared for the withdrawal of the corona virus. In China, where the virus is out of control, there is a new wave of infection and other countries may have to face the same problem.

Unnecessary panic spread among people

Levitt also believes that there is needless panic among people. He said that the virus can only grow if it cannot be detected or no one is working to control it. While many experts believe in the ‘weight and watch’ policy, Levitt says that as long as concerted efforts are being made against Kovid 19, everything will be normal. He said, ‘The actual situation is not as pathetic as they believe. ‘

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