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Apply Encumbrance Certificate | EC Online Tamilnadu – TNREGINET

Apply Encumbrance Certificate: A Villanga Certificate called EC (Encumbrance Certificate) can also be easily obtained online. Yes, as before, there is no need to walk days to the bond registration office. But what is the way to get Villanga certification online since we do not know about it?

Apply Ec Online

Next to the property buyer, the deed of purchase, the lease, etc. before the purchase, the Villanga Certificate is a certificate proving who the buyer is and who owns the property.

This certificate of ownership is the history of the property to be purchased, such as the details of who transferred it from whose hands, and the ownership of the property to whom it has been transferred.

The property to be purchased is used by the buyer as a precautionary document to determine if the mortgagee is registered with a bank or financial institution, and for those who wish to purchase a property as an undivided asset, there is some property in the property and whether the property is in the seller’s name. This is where the Way Certificate comes into play.

Previously it was a pity to have to go to the deed office and apply for a Villanga certificate to get this Villanga Certificate. But now it can be easily viewed and received online in no time.

To get the Villanga Certificate online very easily, you can easily get the Villanga Certificate by going to the following registry website and giving the correct answer to the questions asked in it.

Apply Encumbrance Certificate | EC Online Tamilnadu

  • In this post, we will see in full how to download the Encumbrance Certificate (EC) of your land online.
  • Open your favorite browser on your mobile.
  • Search at the TNREGINET website. Now its home page will appear
Apply Encumbrance Certificate
  • You need to click on the “Search / View EC” option. This will open a new page where you will need to fill in the details below,
  • Zone
  • District
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • EC Start Date
  • EC End Date
  • Village
  • Survey No
  • Subdivision No
Ec Online Tamilnadu

Enter all the required details and click the Search button. Land Certification Website Search PDF. You can download and view the PDF file.

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Frequently Asked Questions About EC Online Tamilnadu

What is the purpose of the Villanga Certificate?

The property to be purchased in the deed, on what date was it registered, in whose name was the property in experience for how many years, and to whom has it been handed over? The details included are clearly stated by Villanga Certificate

What is QR Code EC?

If the QR code is EC, the EC will have a QR code and a unique number. You can apply for QR Code EC at Tnreginet. QR Code EC is the document required to obtain bank loans.

Final Words

Through this article, we learned about How To Apply Encumbrance Certificate | EC Online Tamilnadu 2020, And if you have any doubts, please comment in my inbox. I will read your comment and resolve your doubts. Thank you.

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