21-day lockdown in India, WHO announces strong decision

India has declared a 21-day lockdown to deal with Corona. Now the United Nations has expressed solidarity with India in the fight against the corona virus. Also, a top official of the World Agency (WHO) Health Agency praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 21-day lockdown move to tackle the Kovid-19 global epidemic as ‘comprehensive and strong’.

21-day lockdown in India, WHO announces strong decision

 According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of people worldwide who died of the corona virus rose to 18,915 and there were more than 422,900 cases of infection in more than 165 countries and regions.

According to the Health Ministry data, the corona virus cases in India increased to 562 on Wednesday. United Nations News tweeted on Tuesday, ‘United Nations stands in solidarity with India in the fight against Kovid-19’.

UN News said, ‘Kovid-19 is a 21-day shutdown to stop the global epidemic in India. The UN’s health agency requests the WHO government to take aggressive action.

Corona virus epidemic in the world, lock on American porn industry

In view of the corona virus epidemic in the world, the porn industry of North America has decided to stop functioning for 31 March. The industry has taken this step keeping in mind the safety of the artists.

The production has been halted in view of the corona virus epidemic in North America, called the hub of porn industry in the world. The Free Speech Coalition, an organization of porn industry, has taken this decision voluntarily.

The ban on making adult material has been imposed till 31 March. The organization has said that no one is allowed to create adult content with anyone except their home partner.

The organization issued a statement saying, “All adult entertainment production in the US and Canada has been voluntarily banned.” This will continue till further notice. ‘ Coalition reported that it had been receiving reports from the past few days that artists making adult material had been isolated from homes when they got symptoms of the corona virus. Since there is no comprehensive screening facility, it is assumed that most people are corona virus positive. ‘

Risk of corona outbreak by having sex

Earlier, on the advice of Coalition, the sex workers stopped production. The organization had suggested that if anyone had any old adult content left, he could issue it. Mike Stabil, director of Coalition, said that porn content-making sets are very clean but still prevented production. Stabil said the risk of corona outbreaks on adult movie sets is low, but there is a risk of the corona virus spreading through sex.

While the porn industry has been locked up due to the Corona crisis, many porn stars have been battered. According to news from New York Post, people worldwide have been in isolation or forcibly sending them to quarantine has become a boon for porn stars.

She is earning heavily. Porn star Kate Kennedy, who lives in the city of Los Angeles, USA, says this is a great situation for the webcam business. Millions of potential customers are at home and have no work.

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